PHASE 1: Rewards Point  PHASE 2: Universal Rewards Point  PHASE 3: Better Than Cryptocurrency

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Blaque Joule is an advanced and ever-evolving rewards point, coupon, discount code, and ancient cowrie shell monetary technology, synthesized with today’s cutting edge digital technologies using Black Tech Synthesis. Start earning Blaque Joules now! “We innovate, or we dissipate.”

FINDING: 3% of our Stimulus Check went to Black businesses.

Systemic racism has successfully made Black-owned businesses virtually irrelevant to Black people and irrelevant to the rest of the world. Our data shows that Black Americans only spent an average of 3% of their first covid-19 stimulus check with Black-owned businesses. Newbeings 1619 is disrupting this tragic trend using Black Tech Synthesis. Our advanced evolving rewards point helps make Black-owned businesses relevant to Black People and to the rest of the world.


PHASE 1: Advanced Rewards Point

Phase one has begun. This advanced rewards point is earned with every initial purchase made on any Newbeings 1619 platform. You can also earn Blaque Joules from your activities made on our social media platform. With every post, every comment, every like, etc., you make on our social media platform, you earn reward points honored on all Newbeings 1619 platforms and products. This is unprecedented!

PHASE 2: Advanced Universal Rewards Point

As the platforms populate, the Blaque Joule becomes a universal rewards point honored by every business listed on the Newbeings 1619 Directory. Customers can use the Black Joules they earned on our social media platform with any business listed on our directory. Listed businesses can use the Blaque Joules with other listed businesses or redeem them with Newbeings 1619 for stable coins or US currency. This universal rewards point program helps make Black-owned businesses relevant to Black people and then relevant to the entire world. As African Americans, we teach people how to treat us by the way we treat each other.

PHASE 3: Beyond Cryptocurrency

After Blaque Joules become universal, they will be converted into an advanced instrument that transcends cryptocurrency. At this phase, it will have already established trust from an influential trendsetting population (Black Americans), it will have its own culture, and it will live in blockchain technology. The Blaque Joule will be positioned to help usher in perpetual Black prosperity at a speed and abundance unmatched by any resource or innovation in human history.




B: Black Americans  A: Asian Americans W: White Americans L: Latino Americans
Gig Contractors B45% A20% W35% L40%
Tailoring Industry B1.08% A0% W.05% L0%
Electrician Industry B2.3% A0% W.87% L.9%
Childcare B42% A0% W2% L7%
Domestic Care B9.08% A0% W12% L0%
DJ (Disk Jockey) B12.03% A.28% W7% L4.8%
Landscaping B2% A0% W.05% L0%
Legal Services B20% A0% W1.8% L8.8%
Personal Assistant B.9% A0% W11% L.05%
Auto Repair B10.7% A0% W3% L0%
Elderly Assistance B11% A0% W 14% L.9%
Funeral Services B30% A0% W.14% L.08%
Dining(Take-out) B9.5% A0% W3% L1.8%
Hair Care B29% A0% W9% L8.3%
Carpentry B3% A0% W1.9% L2.09%
Healthcare B30% A0% W7.9% L11%
Plumbing B2.4% A0% W.08% L1.2%

The Black Commerce Index is based off how often people frequent Black Owned Businesses, the percentage of monthly income people spend with Black owned businesses, the percentage of monthly income people spend with non Black owned businesses for the same quality and/or quantity of products and services as well as other essential factors. Click here for more info. NOTE: 0 = .04% or lower


$800,000.00 per every African American household that  desended from enslaved Africans. -Professor William A. Darity (Duke)

The Psyhellotry Tetrad

The most well thought out plan will barely deliver small results over a long period of time with The Psyhellotry Tetrad in place.

Mental exodus

African Americans must undergo a Mass Paradigm Shift out of The Psyhellotry Tetrad, out of Systemic Racism, into Systemic Upliftement.

Cowrie Shell mindset

Our acestors developed the mindset to us cowrie shells for currency. We are developing the mindset to use  Blaque Joules.