The Psyhellotry Tetrad

The most powerful form of systemic racism exists in our minds.

Eleminate this and most plans will work successfully. Leave it as is and few plans  will continue to barely work and most plans will continue to fail.



Transgenerational Enslavement Trauma Syndrome


Transgenerational Enslavement Stockholm Syndrome


Willie Lynch Syndrome


Supersticianity Syndrome


Psyhellotry Tetrad (Target Level. 20% or lower.)

The Psyhellotry Tetrad


The Psyhellotry Tetrad is not only arguably the most powerful aspect of systemic racism, it is arguably the primary power source of systemic racism. Ironically it’s housed in the minds of far too many decendants of enslaved Africans. The Psyhellotry Tetrad causes African Americans to quickly attack, despise, debilitate, discredit, dilute, and/or destroy anything African American no matter how good or beneficial that Black person, place or thing may be. The Psyhellotry Tetrad is the first responder system for the whole of systemic racism. The Psyhellotry Tetrad consists of four syndromes created during our enslavement and are transgenerational. Once the Psyhellotry Tetrad is disrupted and removed from our psyche the rest of systemic racism will be disrupted and easily neutralized. Newbeings 1619 provides and deploys technologies and platforms that build Black prosperity while it eradicates The Psyhellotry Tetrad. Use, subscribe, or join any part of Newbeings 1619 now.


Psy = psychological, mind. Helotry = noun. A state of subjugation to an owner or master: bondage, enslavement, serfdom, servileness, servility, servitude, slavery, thrall, thralldom, villeinage, yoke. i.e., Mental or Psychological Slave. (The extra letter ‘l’ was added to ‘helotry’ because Psychological Slaves maintain and enhance their physical hell on earth.) Tetrad = tet·rad /ˈtetrad/noun TECHNICAL a group or set of four. “a tetrad of distinct elements.” The four powerful syndromes that make up The Psyhellotry Tetrad. 1). Transgenerational Enslavement (T.E.) Trauma Syndrome 2). T.E. Stockholm Syndrome 3). Willie Lynch Syndrome 4). T. E. Supersticianity Syndrom. The whole of the Psyhellotry Tetrad is much greater than the sum of its four parts.

T. E. Trauma Syndrome

Transgenerational Enslavement (T.E.) Trauma: Our enslaved ancestors were universally traumatized from living a life of brutal enslavement. For many enslaved Africans, their trauma was so intense that many of their children inherited the trauma. See Transgenerational Trauma wiki. In turn, the children, being born enslaved, received additional trauma on top of their inherited trauma. The transference and accumulation of trauma have continued for centuries.  Also, see Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. Symptoms include but are not limited to difficulty concentrating, feeling jumpy, or easily angered by other Black people. Emotionally exhausted, fearful, constant trepidation, the desire to hide, disguised as staying stay low key (not to be confused with being introverted, modest, etc.), equate stagnation with staying out of trouble—the need to keep White people happy, comfortable, or entertained to avoid their wrath.

T. E. Stockholm Syndrome

Transgenerational Enslavement (T.E.) Stockholm syndrome: See Stockholm Syndrome. Enslavers inflicted Stockholm syndrome upon many of our ancestors that were kidnapped, traded, bought, and sold. Their children inherited the syndrome, who were also bought and sold and acquired additional Stockholm syndrome. This cycle of traumatization went on for generations and the syndrome accumulated. Symptoms include unhealthy love, loyalty, and a desire to protect one’s oppressor and protect their oppressor’s power. People in the grip of this syndrome feel safe in oppression and fearful of freedom. They unconsciously despise, belittle, discredit anything that liberates and empowers Black people. They are resistant to Black autonomy and acceptant of White oppression. Side Note: A difference between a person being an Uncle Tom or Coon verse a person suffering from T.E. Stockholm Syndrome is that an Uncle Tom is easily identifiable.  People in the grip of T.E. Stockholm syndrome will often gain our trust by becoming well versed in Black history and Black movements and thus knowingly or unknowingly become more effective in protecting their oppressor and sabotaging Black progress. Also, see the Virginia Meritorious Manumission Act of 1710

Willie Lynch Syndrome

Willie Lynch may have been a real man, a myth or folklore that combines many slave masters’ attributes into one, but the original psyop and the syndrome the name identifies is very much real. See Willie Lynch Syndrome. Also see the Willie Lynch Letter. Also see psyop.

Symptoms include but are not limited to despise, disdain, distrust, envy, and/or hate each other, based on physical, geographical, and other differences. Symptoms also include little to no patience for Black people’s human errors. The slightest human mistake committed by Black people is misinterpreted by those in the grip of Wille Lynch Syndrome as incompetence or maliciously intentional. A swift aggressive or violent response disproportionate to a real or imagined offense. You can also include strong resistance to Black autonomy and blind acceptance of White oppression.

T. E. Supersticianity Syndrome

Transgenerational Enslavement (T.E.) Supersticianity consists of a trinity of psychological ills. Each ill intertwines and empowers the other making it one syndrome. The three ills are superstition combined with a perverse understanding of a religion combined with (clinical) Learned Helplessness. See  Learned Helplessness in Wikipedia.

Symptoms include the belief that superstitious practices and beliefs can affect positive change. The belief that systemic racism is so ubiquitous that only a mighty external deity can disrupt it, so we must wait for that deity to save us. People in the grip of this syndrome feel helpless and that there is nothing humanly possible that we can do to overcome systemic racism. They are averse to technology. Side Note: The Black community is currently experiencing a Cytokine Storm (see wiki) of Non-profit organizations preserving and exacerbating all four syndromes, but it exacerbates Supersticianity more intensely.

The African American Ethosphere.

Our Ethosphere, collective moral, ethical, spiritual, cooperative, and psychological health of African Americans have been infected with and dominated by the Psyhellotry Tetrad for centuries. With our Ethosphere’s current Psyhellotry Tetrad levels all being above 80%, the best, most well thought out, solutions will barely deliver small results over long periods. Because small positive change has always taken a long time for Black people, we erroneously believe that slow positive change is a law of physics. It’s not! When we bring our Ethosphere’s Psyhellotry Tetrad levels below 20%, even a mediocre solution will deliver tremendous positive results for African Americans within months, not centuries or decades. The excellent news is NEWBEINGS 1619 provides the tech, platforms, and solutions to eradicate The Psyhellotry Tetrad from the African American Ethosphere and can eliminate it in less than two years with adequate participation. We innovate, or we dissipate

Emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. The Mental Exodus. The Mass Paradigm Shift.

  1. Your thoughts become your words.
  2. Your words become your actions.
  3. Your actions become your habits.
  4. Your habits become your character.
  5. Your character becomes your living paradise OR your living hell on earth.

NEWBEINGS 1619: Disrupting The Psyhellotry Tetrad.


If you can control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his action. When you determine what a man shall think you do not have to concern yourself about what he will do. If you make a man feel that he is inferior, you do not have to compel him to accept an inferior status, for he will seek it himself. If you make a man think that he is justly an outcast, you do not have to order him to the back door. He will go without being told; and if there is no back door, his very nature will demand one.

Carter G. Woodson

Author. Jounalist. Thought Leader, 1875 - 1950

The Seven Solutions

The Psyhellotry Tetrad may have been within our collective psyche for centuries; however, Newbeings 1619 provides technologies, platforms, and solutions that can remove it from our minds and our Ethosphere in less than two years with adequate participation (75% to 85% herd immunity). Newbeings 1619 is using and providing the best technologies to disrupt it. The weight that oppression has had on our souls over the centuries has made our souls immensely stronger than average. Being brutalized and oppressed in an airtight room of poverty since 1619 is the equivalent of our souls forced into an exercise regimen of cardio and strength training in a hypoxic gym for four centuries. The sooner we exit systemic racism and enter Systemic Upliftment, the sooner we will discover we possess internal soul muscles and soul stamina that are exceedingly better than average. Newbeings 1619 provides an ecosystem of technologies, platforms, and solutions that will allow us to experience Post Traumatic Growth (see wiki). In short, we will find that we are New Beings. Newbeings. Newbeings 1619.


Awareness of what the Psyhellotry Tetrad looks like in action neutralizes its adverse impact on us individually and collectively. While our social media platform, Newbeings 1619 Community, is for socializing, having fun, and sharing life events, it will also keep us fully aware of The Psyhellotry Tetrad’s negative expressions. Newbeings 1619 has digitized the process of metacognition. This constant collective awareness will help eradicate The Psyhellotry Tetrad.


Socializing on a platform where Black people are centered and not an afterthought is a therapeutic experience (in and of itself) that helps to eradicate the Psyhellotry Tetrad. Having a group of people tell you, “No, you’re not crazy, they’re gaslighting us” or “You are not a bad entrepreneur, your business is being systemically oppressed” helps relieve a lot of stress that leads to disease. But when someone then says, “The solution to that oppressive policy is ‘xyz,’” and you go and do ‘xyz,’ and ‘xyz’ works, that’s when you experience REDEMPTIVE healing joy! Redemptive joy helps eradicate The Psyhellotry Tetrad. The Newbeings 1619 social media platform is designed for all that and more.

Black Retail Therapy

Retail therapy is shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer’s mood or disposition (not the smartest thing to do). See Wikipedia. Black Retail Therapy also improves the buyer’s mood but with positive side effects for the buyer and the seller and the overall Black economy. Newbeings 1619 Tech provides the technologies for business to build platforms and for customers to engage in ‘Black Retail Therapy.’ Visit Newbeings build your eCommerce platform. The Newbeings 1619 directory is a robust directory making it easy for all nationalities to find Black-owned businesses. Visit Newbeings These platforms help make Black businesses relevant to Black people. Healthy companies will help eradicate The Psyhellotry Tetrad and improve our economy at the same time. We innovate, or we dissipate.

The Powa Ouwa

Power Ouwa is a powerful African American Tantric mind, body and spirit healing therapy. More info soon.

Love (Decipher) Your Enemy

Love your enemy? When the wise teachers, sages, and prophets of old taught ‘love’ your enemy, they referred to a specific form of love. Not eros love (erotic love), not agape love, not phila love (brotherly love), and definitely not Stockholm Syndrome love. They were referring to the highest form of understanding. Decipher Love. The sages referred to an advanced level of knowledge of a person, people, topic, skill, or thing to the point that one’s understanding of that thing becomes love for that thing. When you love someone, you know what they will do even before they know what they’re going to do. Decipher Love gives you a type of E.S.P. For instance, when you look at video compilations of basketball great Magic Johnson throw no-look passes, you will notice that he knows in advance where his teammate will be on the basketball court and knows in advance where his opponent will be on the basketball court. Thus he can pass the basketball without looking! The magic comes from his ‘love’ of the game. He has an advanced understanding of basketball that is so high that he loves the game. The results he delivered on the basketball court were magical. He dumbfounded his opponents, enhanced his teammate’s productivity, and ‘mesmerized’ the onlookers. Newbeings 1619 will facilitate the proper way to Love (decipher/understand) your enemy using state of the art technology.  SIDE NOTE: We are also building a Neural Network to predict opportunities, normal business risks, and obstacles created by systemic racism to oppress Black businesses and Black lives.

Collective Visualization.

Newbeings 1619 will repeatedly produce digital visuals of Black excellence. When we collectively visualize and feel ourselves living out the highest noblest expressions of ourselves, we will become our highest and noblest expressions of ourselves; we will start to see opportunities hidden in plain sight—diamonds in our backyards. Whatever the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve. Newbeings 1619 has technologies and platforms to help us collectively visualize perpetual prosperity and make perpetual Black prosperity a reality.

The Black Power Variable

Using participatory democracy to determine how we mobilize, the best minds of various schools of thought, combined with artificial intelligence, brainstorm effective, moral, expedient, tailored solutions to solve problems specific to African Americans. This includes eradicating the Psyhollotry Tetrad. Newbeings 1619 social media platform houses a brainstorming group and provides digitally advanced voting technology to facilitate participatory democracy. Ther Power Variable delivers an endless supply of fresh, spontaneous, unpredictable solutions that disrupt the Psyhellotry tetrad and confounds systemic racism as a whole.


Since 1619 we’ve never collectively experienced ourselves, as a people, free of The Psyhellotry Tetrad.

If we can concieve it. We can achieve it.

Just as we individually excel in basketball, tennis, gymnastics, football, golf, boxing, music, acting, rapping, singing, dancing, brain surgery, law, politics, etc., we can collectively excel as a people. FACTS.

SIDE NOTE: At worse, the African American medium household income can reach $90,000, and poverty induced crime in Black communities can be reduced by 90% by the year 2025 with adequate participation in the NEWBEINGS 1619 ecosystem. (This is being conservative.)


Inhale deep, hold it…. now breath out slow.

We gave the existing systems 400 years to self correct.

Since 1619, second after second, minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade, century after century, we have begged, pleaded, prayed, dreamed, voted, enlisted, argued, debated, slaved, worked, volunteered, marched, reasoned, rioted, acted, danced, sung, ran, somersaulted, boxed, slam-dunked, made touchdowns, innovated, invented, entertained, etc, etc, etc for justice and equality in the country our ancestors built. ENOUGH! Effective 2020 we accept the historical and current facts that the system will not really self-correct in our lifetime, so we must completely change our expectations and goals and enter a new system that allows us to flourish in our lifetime. Newbeings 1619. Systemic Upliftment. The Mass African American Mental Paradigm Shift has begun. The Mental Exodus out of the Psyhellotry Tetrad.

The Mental Exodus. The Mass Paradigm Shift.

We must exit systemic racism, not the country that our ancestors built. Enter newbeings 1619 systemic upliftment and thrive in the USA! Flourish on planet earth now, not decades from now.