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Newbeings 1619 Pionia

Welcome to a data-driven ecosystem of upliftment. Newbeings 1619 is a Black-owned tech startup. Here is where technologies are synthesized, where businesses are synergized, and perpetual prosperity is being realized.

Like most tech startups, Newbeings 1619 is being fueled by sheer passion and drive. Venture capitalists have not yet invested in us. Corporations, non-profits, and governments have not yet provided grants to us, and banks have not lent to us; as descendants of enslaved Africans, this scenario is not new to us. However, passion and drive can only take our vision but so far. We need early adopters that believe in our vision to subscribe to our groups. (We’re talking less than .25 cents a day. Just $7 a month for full access to existing groups and lessons and a 2020 Pionia Digital Badge.) We need pioneers to start using and benefiting from our high quality and reliable web products and services.

Become a Pionia (Pioneer)

Pioneer:¬†commonly refers to a settler who migrates to previously uninhabited or sparsely inhabited land. -Wiki.¬†A Newbeings 1619 Pionia is purpose driven person who understands and expects all the pros and cons that come with being first in a technologically new ecosystem. Interestingly enough, the Swahili word for pioneer is painia and it’s pronunciation is strikingly familiar to pionia. Listen. Furthermore, Nia (Purpose) is the 5th principle of Kwanzaa. Newbeings 1619 rewards it’s Pionias that get started in 2020 generously with rewards points and will continue to give you loyalty points and perks and receive the prestigeous 2020 badge for as long as you maintain our services and/or subscription. Ubuntu.


Get the 2020 Pionia Badge TODAY for just $10 or a $7 a month subscription here or at our business directory Newbeings 1619 Net or if you register your domain name or order over $14 worth of website products and services this week at Newbeings 1619 Tech. This badge will be displayed on your Newbeings 1619 social media profile page. This badge is only available till 11:59 pm, December 31, 2021!

Safe Newbeings 1619 Transactions


If you make a payment through cash app email your name and what you paid for to admin@newbeings1619.tech and we will set you up on the back end and email back to you your info.


Safe and Secure PayPal transactions below. You can use your PayPal account or any credit or debit card. Just fill out the form, make your selection and follow the prompts.

  • Gain access to all existing groups on the Newbeings 1619 social media platform. Includes a listing on the Newbeings 1619 Directory. Earn Blaque Joule rewards points.
    Get one month free. Includes everything offered in the monthly subscription and the optional 2021 Pionia Digital Badge for those who want it displayed on their Newbeings 1619 social media profile page. The badge is not mandatory.
    2021. What a year? The 2021 Pionia Digital Badge will be displayed on your Newbeings 1619 social media profile page for as long as you maintain your social media account. It will serve as proof that you supported the vision of Newbeings 1619 at its earliest stage.
    Join a group that learns and shares information about Newbeings 1619 Tech website and ecommerce products. How to use, build with, install, combine and profit from the technology. This subscription Includes formal, easy to follow tutorials that will become available in 2021-2022. Inspired by Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass and Horace King.
    For those who can and want to generously fund the vision.